chipKIT™ Fubarino™ SD

The Fubarino™ SD board brings affordable, breadboard compatible high speed computing power to the Arduino-compatible chipKIT/MPIDE platform. It is able to run almost all Arduino sketches right out of the box at a great price, and includes more memory, speed, and I/O pins than a typical Arduino or clone. And it includes a microSD card slot for easy sketch access to huge file storage. Purchase SD

chipKIT™ Fubarino™ Mini

The Fubarino™ Mini is small 33 pin Arduino API compatible board with a difference. The PIC32MX250 part used on Fubarino Mini has a Peripheral Pin Select function for almost all of its I/O pins. 48MHz speed. 32KB RAM. 128KB Flash. Purchase Mini

Progam with MPIDE


Programming mode

Press and hold the PRG button while pressing and releasing the RESET button, then release the PRG button. This causes the Fubarino SD to enter programming mode. You must do this before you upload a new sketch from MPIDE.


The Fubarino SD hardware is licensed under the Solderpad Hardware License v0.5. All MPIDE source code is licensed under GPL or other open source software licenses.


Fubarino SD was designed by Brian Schmalz (from Schmalz Haus LLC) and Rick Anderson (from Fubar Labs). Both are also on the chipKIT/MPIDE development team.

External Links

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